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Gamze Şanlı


Gamze Şanlı is a British, Turkish & Cypriot multidisciplinary artist and performer.

Her craft focuses on multimedia collective storytelling, with stories centring on human rights, diasporan identity, ancestral remembrance, mythology and magic. The projects that she has collaborated on and/or performed in vary from experimental theatre to independent film and documentary. She also designs and creates for art projects, focusing on embroidery, collage and illustration. Having worked in Erbil and Istanbul she is now based in London.

She is currently working on some experimental short films, including a short that she co-wrote and co-produced in London, and is a member of the Documentarist and MENA film festival teams. Şanlı is also a founding member of the multilingual folk music collective ‘Janatolia’, and is the Art and Activism Director of the SWANA collective Full Potential.

my map of ‘home’ looks more like a constellation of stars connected by whatever we call aether dark matter spirit connects all the bodies...

maybe sultanahmet is the brain where the memories of the old city live maybe the bosphorus is the veins maybe beyoğlu is the heart...

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