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yet, moving with my left foot forward

images that scream magenta tints

this page, this page, may crumble,


catch fire!

something’s getting too close to the flame

the hairs on my skin are in a quarrel

debating on direction

I am chaotic when the sun floods

think I’ve told you this before

disheveled when the moonlight ricochets

rather than, dissolve my fleshy membranes

i am a moon sucking, pine backbone, lightning cavity


it, me, I, we

all at once, so much, out of so little…

if I were to ask it to go away

what if I were

by Paris Jessie

orbiting in the crevices of my body I found that a lighthouse lives in the pinpoint, triangular cusp of my heart the trickling goes on...

there are times I hope I am like no one else, but myself. Soak absorb and summit prefer to devour the shades that make me leave me to it:...

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