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this will only take a moment

there are times I hope I am like

no one else,

but myself.

Soak absorb and summit

prefer to devour the

shades that make me

leave me to it: crawl outside this

lukewarm body wall


nibble resuscitated melanin

for the record, my inner being seems

seldom inundated

leave me to it: drift back inside and caress

my own tenderness

with symphonies of honeysuckle,

moonlight, breached discovery

maybe, somersault on the bridge

of my nose

smell what I am made of

feel what I got going on

by Paris Jessie

orbiting in the crevices of my body I found that a lighthouse lives in the pinpoint, triangular cusp of my heart the trickling goes on...

yet, moving with my left foot forward images that scream magenta tints this page, this page, may crumble, fade, catch fire! something’s...

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